February 24, 2009 at 6:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Let’s talk about loneliness, or try to define it.
We could say that you are alone when you wake up in the great emptiness of the desert or lost in the middle of an ocean, or if you are ship wrecked on an uninhabited island without having anyone to share a word, a thought or a hope,

alone is the alpinist who left the last camp trying to reach the mountain top,
alone is the trucker driving on an endless highway,
alone is…

But you can also be alone when you are surrounded by a huge crowed of people like in a very agglomerated city where everybody have there own problems, where everybody care only for themselves, where everybody has his own thoughts and aspirations, thoughts and aspirations witch don’t notice the people surrounding them, where communication does not exist, where “I” means everything but “we” means nothing, where the coming of spring is just a natural fact, something that doesn’t matter, by no means the rebirth of nature and where you as a “human” are lonelier as on an uninhabited island , lonelier as in the desert or floating alone on an raft in the middle of the ocean.


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